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Poster Programme

P1 An Advanced lifetime measurement method by square wave excitation and lock-in amplifier
  Muhammet Mustafa Çodur, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
P2 Direct Laser Writing of Graphene Temperature Sensors for Smart Wound Monitoring
  Basit Duré, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland
P3 Tracking ultrafast dynamics in molecules induced by an XUV attosecond pulse train
  Gabriel Karras, STFC, UK
P4 Aluminium Gallium Arsenide Photonic Waveguides for 780 nm Optical Delivery in Quantum Sensors based on Ultra-cold Atoms of Rubidium
  Jessica Maclean, University of Nottingham, UK
P5 Strain Managed GaN LED Structures for 3D Transfer Printing
  Miles Toon, University of Strathclyde, UK
P6 Low-cost Capsule Endoscopy for Early Detection of Oesophageal Cancer via Optical Scattering & Absorption
  Jane Crowley, University of Nottingham, UK
P7 Fibre-based sensing for bacterial detection with time-resolved single photon spectroscopy
  Katjana Ehrlich, University of Edinburgh, UK
P8 Enhancement of single photon emission efficiency from aperture enhanced Tamm plasmon structures
  Huili Hou, University of Bristol, UK
P9 Near- to mid-infrared emission using GaAs1-xBix/GaAs1-yNy type-II superlattice structures
  Zoe Davidson, University of Bristol, UK
P10 Shrinking of direct laser written 3D polymeric diamond lattice structures by thermal annealing to move bandgap into the visible range
  Yu-Shao Chen,  University of Bristol, UK
P11 A study of the influence of grain structure on the nonlinear optical properties of MAPbBr3 perovskites
  Naseem Alsaif, Newcastle University, UK
P12 Fabrication and characterization of upconverting erbium-ytterbium silicate thin films
  Muhammet Mustafa Çodur, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
P13 Applying non-linear spectroscopic techniques with a 100 kHz OPCPA laser system
  Gabriel Karras, STFC, UK
P14 3D control of optical beam paths in miniaturized Light-Sheet Microscopy
  Spyridon Bakas, University of Strathclyde, UK
P15 Plasmonic enhancement of coherent Raman scattering in nanometric volumes by single gold nanorods
  Dafydd Harlow, Cardiff University, UK
P16 Tight focal spots using structured polarisation from a Fresnel cone
  Ryan Hawley, University of Glasgow, UK
P17 Optical imaging of high-aspect-ratio nanoelectromechanical systems: full-wave simulations
  Fu Yee Kwan, Imperial College London UK
P18 Estimation the dielectric properties of solvation shells and nano-cavities by solvatochromic shift of organic dye
  Peter Lebedev-Stepanov, FSRC Crystallography and Photonics RAS, Russia
P19 Simulation of the superconducting circuit coupled to a membrane for quantum conversion
  Dongkyu Kim, Agency of Defense Development, South Korea
P20 Cube Satellite based Quantum Communication
  Elliott Hastings, University of Bristol, UK
P21 Variation of the Emission Properties of Blue and Green emitting InGaN/GaN Multiple Quantum Wells with Growth Temperature
  Ruben Ahumada-Lazo, The University of Manchester, UK
P22 Localised Single Photon Emission from Re doped MoS2 Monolayers
  Matteo Borghi, The University of Warwick, UK
P23 Effect of Micron-scale Photoluminescence Variation on Droop Measurements in InGaN/GaN Quantum Wells
  Rachel Barrett, The University of Manchester, UK
P24 Investigation of the effects of annealing on the optical properties of Mg doped zinc‑blende GaN
  Daniel Dyer, The University of Manchester, UK
P25 Investigation of Magnetical Field Effect on Crystalline Facilitation of Co@COOH-MWCNTs/PC Composites
  Ming Gao, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
P26 Formation of cubic operators in collective spins
  Šimon Bräuer, Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic
P27 Black hole on an optical lattice
  Eric Howard, Macquarie University, Griffith University, Australia
P28 Fundamental limits of Quantum Spectroscopy
  Evangelia Bisketzi, University of Warwick, UK
P29 A bridge between quantum-enhanced sensing and quantum illumination
  Su-Yong Lee, Agency of Defense Development, South Korea
P30 Accurate polarization preparation and measurement using liquid-crystal displays
  Martin Bielak, Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic
P31 Detecting magnetic field orientations with spin aligned atoms
  Francesco Castellucci, University of Glasgow, UK
P32 Photon-pair generation in silica microbubble resonators
  Ross Challinor, University of Bath, UK
P33 Spontaneous atomic crystallization via diffractive dephasing in optical cavities
  Adrián Costa-Boquete, University of Strathclyde, UK
P34 Quantum input-output relation for multi-mode magnons coupled to a microwave cavity mode
  Yong Sup Ihn, Agency for Defense Development, South Korea
P35 Two-photon interference by slow light in warm atomic vapor
  Taek Jeong, Agency for Defense Development, South Korea
P36 Study about measuring two-mode correlation with homodyne detection toward efficient quantum ghost imaging
  Yonggi Jo, Agency for Defense Development, South Korea
P37 General framework to derive Casimir force of electromagnetic field in non-inertial reference frames
  Bartosz Markowicz,  University of Warsaw, Poland
P38 Towards quantum networks with group IV colour centres in diamond
  Cathryn Michaels, University of Cambridge, UK
P39 Three-dimensional light-in-flight imaging
  Imogen Morland, Heriot-Watt University, UK
P40 We demonstrate the signal-to-noise ratio, precisely links information theoretic measures of entanglement to a range of experimental parameters quantifying noise
  Feng Zhu, Heriot-Watt University, UK
P41 Switchable cavity quantum memory through induced two-photon susceptibility in warm alkali vapour
  Carlo Page, University of Bath, UK
P42 Propagation dynamics of complex vector light fields in atomic media
  Chunfang Wang, University of Glasgow, UK
P43 Structural and Optical Properties of 1%Eu3+doped LuxGd1-xVO₄ synthesized by solid-state reaction
  Mustapha Yahi, University of Blida, Algeria
P44 Structured light in coupled light-matter interactions
  Grant Henderson, University of Strathclyde
P45 Dynamics of ultrafast laser written NV centers in diamond
  Andrew Kirkpatrick, University of Oxford, UK 
P46 Laser micro-manufacturing an electrospray micro-propulsion system for use on small satellites
  Sahil Maharaj, University of Manchester, UK
P47 Single cell biomechanics as probed by optical trapping and phonon microscopy: A correlative study
  Will Hardiman, University of Nottingham, UK
P48 Fast 2D particle trap addressing system using MEMS scanners
  Paul Janin, University of Strathclyde, UK
P49 The OpenFlexure Block Stage: sub-100 nm fibre alignment with a monolithic plastic flexure stage
  Qingxin Meng, University of Bath, UK
P50 A Simple Relationship between the data rate and gain of a fluorescent antenna for VLC
  Amna Riaz, University of Oxford, UK
P51 Optimising illumination and communication characteristics of ultra-bright light guides based on luminescence concentration
  Juna Sathian, Northumbria University, UK
P52 Extending the absorption wavelength of a siliconphotodetector using high-energy He+ and B+ ionimplantation
  Martin Wearn, University of Southampton, UK

Key dates

Registration deadline:

30 August 2020

Paper submission deadline:

30 October 2020


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