Alrad Instruments Ltd (stand 21)  Litron Lasers Ltd (stand 7)
 Bentham Instruments Ltd (stand 14)  Manx Precision Optics Ltd. (stand 6)
 DM Optics (stand 22)  Newport Spectra-Physics Ltd (stand 32)
 Elforlight Ltd (stand 4)  Ophir Spiricon Europe GmbH (stand 31)
 Elliot Scientific Ltd (stand 34)  Pacer International (stand 8)
 ELUXI (stand 17)  Photonic Solutions (stand 11)
 Fraunhofer (stand 9)  Photonics Technologies (stand 12)
 ID Quantique (stand 30)  Princeton Instruments (stand 23)
 Laser Components (UK) Ltd (stand 5)  Thorlabs (stand 33)
 Laser Lines (stand 1)  TOPTICA Photonics (stand 13)
 Laser Physics (stand 25)  
 Laser Quantum (stand 24)  


Laser Lines (stand 1)


Laser Lines is a leading supplier of lasers including DPSS, diode, fibre & ultrafast lasers, plus power meters, filters & spectrometers.

We partner with cutting edge companies such as Cobolt, Gentec-EO, KMLabs, Lighthouse Photonics, nLIGHT, Photonics Industries and Radiantis, we offer cost effective solutions for a wide range of applications.


Elforlight Ltd (stand 4)


Elforlight manufactures a range of leading edge diode pumped solid state lasers from UV to IR, CW and nanosecond q-switched. Optical Parametric Oscillators include a high repetition rate visible OPO tuneable blue to red and beyond to IR in nanosecond pulses at high repetition rates up to kHz frequencies.


Laser Components (UK) Ltd (stand 5)


LASER COMPONENTS manufactures and supplies components, OEM modules, sources, optics and detectors, spanning the UV to the FIR.  Products include photodiodes, IR components including pyroelectric and PbS/PbSe,  photon counters, laser diodes, laser modules, emitters, measurement devices, amplifiers, fibre optics, laser optics, optical filters, optomechanical components, and laser safety products.


Manx Precision Optics Ltd. (stand 6)


Manx Precision Optics manufactures a wide range of optical components incl. mirrors, beamsplitters, windows, reference flats, optically contacted cube polarisers, roof mirrors, etalons and optics for ultrafast applications (supplied with GDD curve). Our large stock of polished and coated optics allows us to be flexible and offer short delivery times.


Litron Lasers Ltd (stand 7)


Litron Lasers (United Kingdom) - A World leading manufacturer of IR, visible and UV pulsed YAG lasers, PIV YAG lasers, PIV YLF lasers, DPSS YAG lasers, DPSS YLF lasers, CW YAG lasers, and true TEM00 lasers designed for science and industry.


Pacer International (stand 8)


Pacer International is a specialist supplier of optoelectronics, lasers, detectors and displays. We offer a wide range of low light level detectors, laser components, encoders, optics, imaging sensors, imaging arrays and systems, handheld and miniature Raman spectrometers, laser range finding modules, displays, optical sensors, IR sources and optical communications.


Fraunhofer (stand 9)


The UK’s first Fraunhofer Research Centre, Fraunhofer CAP conducts practical, applied R&D projects for industry (+universities) in a wide range of photonics/laser applications including energy, security, quantum tech, environmental sensing, space and health. Consistent with the proven German model, Fraunhofer CAP has a cornerstone collaboration with the University of Strathclyde.


Photonic Solutions (stand 11)


Photonic Solutions is a specialist distributor of lasers and photonic products representing many of the world’s leading manufacturers. For example Lumentum, Light Conversion, NKT Photonics, Becker & Hickl, Menlo Systems, Signal Recovery, Continuum, APE GmbH, Teem Photonics, Sirah, Ocean Optics and NoIR to name but a few.


Photonics Technologies (stand 12)


Photonics Technologies specialises in spectroscopic essentials complementing laser systems in the Photonics industry. The product range expands from spectroscopic cells, through products covering modulation and detection, including stand-alone stabilisation electronics for firm locking device to stabilize tunable lasers in their frequency, to beam control, beam analysis and ultracold atom systems.


TOPTICA Photonics (stand 13)


Laser technology is the core competence of TOPTICA Photonics for over 15 years. Our diode lasers and fiber lasers continue to evolve as cutting-edge products, used by researchers and engineers in science and industry world-wide. TOPTICA products offer maximum specifications and highest quality, which has earned us recognition globally.


Bentham Instruments Ltd (stand 14)


Bentham manufactures UV-visible-IR spectroradiometer/spectrophotometer systems for many of the most demanding optical measurement applications. Our monochromators are compatible with an extensive range of detectors, CCD’s and PDA's. Accessories include integrating spheres, calibration standards and detectors, stabilised light sources, lock-ins, choppers, telescopes, collimators, fibre optic cables and stepper motor positioning systems.


ELUXI (stand 17)


ELUXI is a specialist photonics company delivering a broad range of standard and bespoke solutions from leading global suppliers. Whether it is lasers, light sources, optics, fibre optics, amplifiers or detectors etc., speak to us and discover how we can help to provide you with optimal component or instrumentation solutions.


Alrad Instruments Ltd (stand 21)


Lasers: Structured Light for Machine Vision and Compact Laser Modules Optics: Diffraction Gratings, Precision Components, Coatings and Filters Laser Protection: Glasses and Windows Photodiodes and Detectors Cameras: Industrial, Research and Specialist Lenses: Machine Vision, Zoom, Varifocal, Telecentric and Specialist Grabbers: CameraLink and CXP Lighting: LED Machine Vision, Industrial and Microscopy


DM Optics (stand 22)


DMOptics is a supplier of test equipment and accessories for the Photonics and Electronics markets. We supply optical spectrum analyzers covering 350nm to 3400nm, lasers and optical power meters to production & research companies. We also have a range of electronic test equipment including oscilloscopes and signal generators.


Princeton Instruments (stand 23)


Princeton Instruments provides state-of-the-art CCD, ICCD, EMCCD, emICCD, X-Ray and InGaAs cameras; spectrometers; spectrographs; imaging systems; optics and coatings that are key to the success of your application. We take pride in partnering with our customers to solve their most challenging problems in unique, innovative ways.


Laser Quantum (stand 24)


Laser Quantum is the UK's largest laser manufacturer, offering a series of CW lasers in a wide range of powers and wavelengths. They also manufacture femtosecond oscillators and lasers covering a repetition rate range from the MHz to GHz regimes.


Laser Physics (stand 25)


Serving academia, aerospace, defence, bio-technology, semiconductor and the medical industries, Laser Physics UK specialise in polarisation components & control devices, vibration-insensitive interferometers, argon lasers, optical power & energy meters, laser diode drivers & temperature controllers, IR viewing solutions, laser safety curtains, barriers & enclosures, viewing windows and laser safety eyewear.


ID Quantique (stand 30)


In a world where the technological landscape is being revolutionized by quantum physics, IDQ helps to guarantee long-term security of data through quantum-safe crypto solutions. IDQ provides best-in class instruments, tools and expertise enabling its customers to solve problems by exploiting the potential of quantum physics, while revealing its beauty.


Ophir Spiricon Europe GmbH (stand 31)


Ophir Spiricon Europe is a member of the OPHIR Photonics group, a brand of the Newport Corporation. Ophir Spiricon Europe is dedicated to sales, service, recalibration and repair of all Ophir power & energy meters and Spiricon & Photon beam analyzers.


Newport Spectra-Physics Ltd (stand 32)


Newport is a leading global supplier of advanced technology products and systems. Newport’s product portfolio includes: laser systems, spectroscopy instruments, light sources, laser beam measurement devices, vibration control equipment, optics, micro and nano positioning solutions, opto-mechanics and photonic instrumentation.


Thorlabs (stand 33)


Thorlabs designs, develops, and manufactures building blocks for the Photonics industry, including optomechanics, motion control electronics, nanopositioning stages, fiber and optical components, laser diodes, tunable lasers, and vibration isolation systems. In addition, we can provide system-level solutions including complete OCT and imaging systems, like confocal and adaptive scanning optical microscopes.


Elliot Scientific Ltd (stand 34)


Leading distributor and manufacturer of photonics equipment.

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